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Update on The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is STILL in business
 The store did not sell so it is time to say goodbye.  You can still support us by buying your Christmas gifts locally at the Bookshelf.
Please contact the store for an update 
closure date

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All Bookstore Fixtures for Sale
  • 30 Wall units, some Skyline Designs wall units 6’ x 4’ x 18”, Some Grande Wood Designs 7’ x4’x18” all wood veneer finish, adjustable shelving. Shelves 6" deep at top and 8" deep at bottom.  good condition, some shelves show wear.
  • 10 Skyline designs islands, about 6’H x 4’l x 24” deep,shelves 5" deep at top, 6" at bottom.  All in good condition, some shelves show wear & need re-veneering, all adjustable.
  • 5 or so Endcaps, 5’H x 30”wide x 15+”D, wood veneer
  • 6 melamine islands 58”H x 4’Wx 30”deep – 3 on wheels, shelving worn
  • 1 Skyline Designs counter with computer well, 7’L x 38”H x 24”D and adjustable shelves, with 7’L x 32”H x 6”D removeable shelf attachment (works for handicapped)
  • 2 Skyline Designs counters 4’L x 2’D x 38”H,  need new tops, have 1 adjustable shelf
  • Card spinners, acrylic book stands (several dozen) and acrylic shelftalkers, BRC racks, etc.
  • 1 IBID dos-based computer system with 3 POS stations, wands & receipt printers.  Credit Card feature does not work.  But sells just fine.  Won’t report to ABA anymore.
Deals can be made!!

Use those Gift Certificates!!!
Please use your Gift Certificates before the store closes. Sooner rather than later. 
Certificates do not expire until we do!